Coaching and Professional Development

Explore and expand your leadership impact

Experience the fullness of your potential as you deepen your internal relationship.

Courageous Leadership

At New Roots, our inside-out approach to professional development creates the space for meaningful and lasting transformation.

  • Gain clarity on your specific goals
  • Explore potential changes you wish to make
  • Shift your hopes into action
  • Develop compassion for parts of you that tend to keep you playing small
  • Expand your understanding and potential
  • Overcome speaking and presentation anxiety
  • Shift procrastination patterns
  • Build more confidence for meetings and interviews
  • Learn how to build stronger team unity
  • Enhance communication skills
  • Identify team dysfunctions and explore how to empower shifts
  • Deepen your internal awareness and relationship
  • Learn more about the flow between you and the systems around you (i.e. teams, groups, and organizations)
  • Develop further ability to lead with courage, confidence, and compassion
  • Transform your approach to people and the world
  • Get curious about and overcome challenges

The coaching and development offering is a great companion initiative to insights gleaned from assessments such as Insights, DISC, and Myers-Briggs. It will help you establish follow-up action steps for meaningful and measurable change.


Great for individuals, groups, and organizations, this offering is fully customizable to your goals and budget.

  • Individual sessions, lunch and learns, presentations, workshops, or retreats
  • Virtual, location of your choosing, or New Roots office

Clients see benefits from New Roots Coaching and Development in as little as one session.

Expand your potential through meaningful transformation.

Please contact New Roots to discover how this option can be best customized for you, your group, or your organization.

We are honored to walk alongside our clients as they develop a deeper relationship with their authentic selves. We look forward to supporting you on your journey.

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