About New Roots

Therapeutic support for expansion, healing, and growth

Transformative Approach

Our empowering and transformative approach is informed by multiple research-based therapeutic modalities.

Empowering Options

Our offerings are intentionally crafted to support you in exploring your goals. From therapy and reunification to workshops and retreats as well as consultation, New Roots has a variety of options to meet you where you are and empower you in your process.

Compassionate Clinicians

New Roots clinicians are trained and skilled in guiding deep, nuanced work that honors the whole person.

Whatever your goals may be, we look forward to supporting you as you make meaning in your story and embark on crafting your next chapters.

Find the right fit for your goals.

We are honored to walk alongside our clients as they develop a deeper relationship with their authentic selves. We look forward to supporting you on your journey.

New Roots Inverness Office

10 Inverness Drive E

Suite 225

Englewood, CO 80112