Transformative change from the inside out for integrated and intentional living

New Roots supports and empowers individuals, couples, families, professionals, teams, and therapists.


Individual, couple, and family counseling for meaningful healing and expansion


Compassionate reintegration support for important relationships

Groups and Retreats

Community experiences for meaningful growth and transformation

Coaching & Development

Expansion, awareness, and clarity for leaders, groups, and organizations

Therapy is for us all.

Therapy is for the person seeking to become more self-aware and emotionally healthy.

It's for anyone who wants to quit coping their way through life.


Rachel Denison

About New Roots

We believe that each person has the capacity within them for transformation. Our mission is to support you in living a full and meaningful life.

Are you ready to explore the next step in your healing and expansion journey?

We are honored to walk alongside our clients as they develop a deeper relationship with their authentic selves. We look forward to supporting you on your journey.

New Roots Inverness Office

10 Inverness Drive E

Suite 225

Englewood, CO 80112